PONDH Hunza Sopper Pond LightPONDH Hunza Sopper Pond Light

Pond Lite 12V MR16


The Pond Lite is an adjustable underwater luminaire designed for installation in ponds, fountains and water features. It is fully submersible, tested to an IP68 water protection rating and the adjustable head can be rotated 360 degrees and elevated up to 90 degrees.
The Pond Lite adds life and interest to water features and a uniquely tranquil quality to the landscape.
The standard version of the luminaire is fixed in place by means of an adjustable yoke. There is also a weighted version (POND/W) with a heavy base that allows the luminaire to be held down by gravity instead of being fixed into place. With this design there is no need to drill fixing holes (which may cause the pond to leak) and the luminaire can be relocated more easily.

Requires Remote Transformer

IP Rating: IP68

Lamp: LED 12V MR16 5W 320 lumens
Colour Temperature and Beam Angle Options, select below
Input Voltage: 12V AC/DC

Hunza products are hand-made to order, this means it may take up to 2 weeks have your order ready.

PLEASE NOTE: Pool chemicals, hard water or salt water may damage the powder coated finish. Stainless steel fittings should be used in these situations.
Copper luminaires are not suitable for installation in a pond with fish.

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