PONDH Hunza Sopper Pond LightPONDH Hunza Sopper Pond Light

Pond Light PureLED


The Hunza Pond Light is the perfect solution illuminating ponds, fountains, and water features with ease. Fully submersible and boasting an IP68 water protection rating, this adjustable underwater luminaire is built to withstand the elements. Its versatile design allows for 360-degree rotation and up to 90-degree elevation.

The tranquil glow of the Pond Light adds life and interest to water features, transforming your outdoor space into a serene oasis.

Priced to include Hunza PureLED system, a cutting-edge modular LED system meticulously engineered to deliver optimal light output, precise illumination control, and enduring performance in outdoor environments. Utilizing a single high-performance LED chip with advanced optics, this system boasts has a variety of power levels and beam angle options and an extra long life compared to MR16 style fittings. The input of the PureLED module is based on the driver in-built to the fitting.

Lamp: PureLED –
12VAC Input – Parallel Wiring – 6W 600 lumens
24VDC Input – Parallel Wiring – 4W 400 lumens
Colour Temperature and Beam Angle Options, select below

Hunza products are hand-made to order, this means it may take up to 2 weeks have your order ready.

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