Tunable White LED Downlights

Tunable LED downlights represent the next evolution in lighting, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over your lighting environment. With the ability to adjust the color temperature from a warm, cozy 1800K-2700k to a bright, energizing 4000K-6000k, these downlights allow you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to set a relaxing mood for the evening or need crisp, clear light for detailed tasks during the day, tunable LED downlights can adapt to your needs with a simple adjustment.

In addition to colour temperature tuning, these downlights often come with advanced control options such as Casambi or DALI. Casambi control offers wireless, Bluetooth-based management, allowing you to easily adjust your lighting via a smartphone app or wall-mounted controls. This system is ideal for both new installations and retrofits, as it eliminates the need for additional wiring. On the other hand, DALI control provides a robust, wired solution, often used in larger commercial projects for its reliability and integration with other building management systems. Both control options enable features like scene setting, dimming, and automation, ensuring that your lighting not only looks great but also operates efficiently and conveniently.

Use the filter menu on our site to easily find the perfect tunable LED downlight for your needs. Adjust your search based on features like control type, downlight size and more to find the ideal lighting solution for your space.

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