Architectural Lighting Design Available Now

With many years of experience and a passion for lighting and innovation, The Lighting Centre can enhance the way you live with an exceptional lighting design.

Give The Lighting Centre team a brief, and they will present you with a creative, energy-efficient, bespoke lighting design for your home or apartment.

When should I get a Lighting Design?

Whether you are planning a renovation or a full build, it is always best to plan as early as possible. Here are the ways the experts at The Lighting Centre tackle lighting designs at every stage of the process:

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    Pre-Planned Lighting Design

    The best time to start planning your lighting is before the electrician starts their work. That means The Lighting Centre experts can go beyond the plan and have the full range of elements and fittings at their disposal to enhance the architecture in your new build or renovation, catering the lighting to your lifestyle.

    A copy of the plans is the main thing you need to provide, including all the elevations and any furniture layouts you have. Even if at this stage they are not fully formed, the more information you can share, the better. The Lighting Centre team will love to hear about your style too. Bring along any ideas about what sort of styles and fittings you like.

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    Lighting Layout, After Pre-Wire

    If the electrician has already provided an electrical plan and completed the pre-wire on your project, there is still room to bring in a lighting consultant to make the most of the fitting selection. A great starting point for the consultants at The Lighting Centre is having a copy of the electrical plans. Let them know your style, and they can work with you.

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    Lighting Layout, Replace Existing Fittings

    If you are upgrading the fittings in your home, you probably will not have a plan. In this instance, it is usually better to get The Lighting Centre team to come to you. They can have a consultation at your home, measure what they need, and come back to you with a detailed action plan of lights to change. Travel charges apply if you are outside of Auckland.

    Once the lighting plan is complete, it is best to come to The Lighting Centre store, where the team can walk through the concepts and demonstrate to you some of the latest innovations in lighting designs and solutions. At this point, you will have refinements, which the team can present by email or in person, at your discretion.

    On larger homes, The Lighting Centre designers can present 3D drawings of your home so you can see the effect of the lighting. The final plan will be trade-ready and include detailed fixture specifications suitable for your electrician to quickly and easily understand requirements to allow for the pre-wire.

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