20758 Wireless RF Switch 1 Gang20758 Wireless RF Switch 1 Gang

Kinetic RF Dimming Switch


With the power of kinetic energy, this switch allows you to effortlessly command your lights with a simple touch.

Wireless and Portable: This Kinetic Switch is completely wireless, allowing you to place the controls wherever you desire. Whether it’s on a tabletop or mounted on the wall, enjoy the flexibility to control your lights from the perfect spot. Plus, its portable design enables you to use it as a remote.

Effortless Setup: No complicated installation. Thanks to its battery-free and wiring-free design, setting up the Kinetic Switch is a breeze.

Versatile Button Configuration: With up to three configurable buttons, this Kinetic Switch offers unparalleled flexibility. Take control of multiple rooms or lights with a single switch. Customize the buttons to suit your needs and effortlessly switch between different lighting scenarios.

Long-range Control: The Kinetic Switch utilizes RF 433MHz technology, providing a control distance of up to 20m indoors.

Please note that the Kinetic Switch is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Brilliant Smart Jupiter WiFi Dimmer Connector – See this product here

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