Brilliant Smart Jupiter Inline Dimmer SwitchBrilliant Smart Jupiter Inline Dimmer Switch

Jupiter Smart Wifi Dimming Controller


Upgrade your lighting system and embrace the future with our innovative Smart Controller. This device allows you to effortlessly control your lights from anywhere using your smartphone, non-powered wifi switch or even through voice commands.

Here’s why this Smart Controller is a game-changer:

Simple Installation: make your existing downlights or lighting smart. Just wire the controller between your lights and switch, and you’re ready to go. It’s compatible with dimmable lights, ensuring seamless integration with your current setup.

Convenient App Control: Take charge of your lighting with the tap of a finger. The intuitive mobile app allows you to control your lights remotely, providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch or miles away from home, you have complete control over your lighting ambiance.

Voice-Activated: Experience the magic of hands-free control. Thanks to compatibility with popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can effortlessly adjust your lights with simple voice commands.

Automation Made Easy: The Smart Controller lets you create personalized schedules and timings for your lights. Set them to turn on gradually in the morning, dim for movie nights, or automatically switch off at bedtime. Customize your lighting routine to match your lifestyle and make your home even smarter.

Key Features and Specifications:

Load Rating: The Smart Controller can handle a maximum load of 100W, accommodating both LED and incandescent lights.
Minimum Load: Even low-power lights are supported, with a minimum load requirement of just 5W.
Space-Saving Design: Smart Controller fits through a downlight cutout as small as 53mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fixtures.
Leading Edge Dimmer: Designed to be compatible with most products, this Smart Controller utilizes a leading edge dimmer, guaranteeing smooth and reliable dimming performance.
Wall Switch Option: For added convenience, a wall switch is available, offering a physical control alternative that complements the app and voice control functionalities – See more here

Length: 98mm
Height: 31mm
Width: 44mm

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