SL112LG D-Light Ultra Low Glare LED Sunset Dim DownlightSL112LG D-Light Ultra Low Glare LED Sunset Dim Downlight

D-Lightz SL112 Fixed Ultra Low Glare Sunset Dim LED Downlight


NZ designed and engineered Medium Beam Recessed LED

The clear lens offers a sharper, more precise beam pattern, ideal for focused illumination in task-oriented areas like kitchen countertops and workstations.

Rim: 100mm Diameter
Cut Out: 83-92mm Diameter
Height: 50mm

IP Rating: IP65 – Suitable for wet areas

AS/NZS60598.2.2 Classification: IC-F & IC-4
Insulation may abut to side of and/or cover this downlight. The high quality driver with this downlight can also be covered and abutted with insulation.

Clearance to Timber/Combustible elements:
Overall Depth Clearance: 50mm (includes fixture)
Side Clearance: 0mm (from side of fixture) Can be installed against Timber!

Lamp: LED Lamp 9.6W (wattage includes driver)
Light Output (Luminaire): 600 Lumens
Lamp Life: L70 50,000 hours
Lamp colour rendering: 90+CRI | R9 > 50
Colour Temperature: 3000k – warms to 2200k as it Dims

Lamp Options:
Beam Angle: 40 Degrees or 60 Degrees

Fitting supplied with a dimmable driver

There are two adapter plates available to allow this downlight to cover larger holes
130mm adapter plate
155mm adapter plate

Luminaire Warranty: 7 Years
Driver Warranty: 5 Years

SUNSET DIMMING: As this product is dimmed down the colour temperature changes smoothly from 3000k down to 2200k creating a warm ambient light.
a set of 6 images of the same lounge, in each image the light gets warmer and dimmer giving a visual description of how sunset dim technology works

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