WBP110 110mm Ribbed Back Weatherboard PackerWBP110 110mm Ribbed Back Weatherboard Packer

Weatherboard Wedge Small 110mm


Square Packer so your fittings can sit flat on weatherboard walls

Weather board packers to mount Up/Down tube lights, Lanterns and bulkheads on a vertical surface, simply click and arrange together multiple packers to build a satisfactory vertical mounting surface.

Packers have a knock out hole for wiring
Easy to trim

Available as a Bottom or Top Packers
Bottom Packers have ridges to lock into the Top Packer

Use a single packer for a 3 Degree angle or 2 Packers together for a 6 Degree Angle.
When a 2 Packers are used together they add to 15mm at the thickest end of the wedge.

Dimensions: 110mm Wide x 105mm High

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