Tier lights lighting a garden path way at nightTier lights lighting a garden path way at night

Tier Lite Spread Light PureLED


The Tier Lite is designed for illuminating medium level foliage. Mounted on a 700mm pole to provide a soft pool of light suitable for a wide variety of landscape situations. The luminaire provides 360 degree illumination on a horizontal plane and does not project any vertical light.

Priced to include Hunza PureLED system, a cutting-edge modular LED system meticulously engineered to deliver optimal light output, precise illumination control, and enduring performance in outdoor environments. Utilizing a single high-performance LED chip with advanced optics, this system boasts has a variety of power levels and beam angle options and an extra long life compared to G4 style fittings. The input of the PureLED is based on the driver in-built to the fitting.

IP Rating: IP66

Lamp: PureLED –
1050mA Input – Series Wiring – 6W 600 lumens
12VAC Input – Parallel Wiring – 6W 600 lumens
24VDC Input – Parallel Wiring – 4W 400 lumens
Colour Temperature: 2700k Extra Warm White, 3000k Warm White or 4000k Cool White (Select Below)

Hunza products are hand-made to order, this means it may take up to 2 weeks have your order ready.

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