RSA-10 Walkover LED Extrusion for LED Ribbon StripRSA-10 Walkover LED Extrusion for LED Ribbon Strip

LXT10 Walkover Silver Winged Extrusion with Opal Diffuser


With 3mm thick Opal Diffuser for in floor walk-over applications. The extrusion also includes internal drainage slots. Outdoors or in applications with high water ingress IP67 LED strip is required.

Can be cut to exact length on-site.
Maximum single length is 2.5m, but you can join lengths together.
Each Length is supplied with a set of End Caps.

Width Incl Wings: 27mm
Internal Width: 12mm
Height: 11mm

This Aluminium Extrusion is designed to be used with LED Ribbon Strip that is 11mm wide x 5mm high.
– LED Ribbon Strip for Dry Areas
– LED Ribbon Strip for Wet Areas

Important notes for purchasing this product online
While we list this product in set lengths it is available cut to your exact length. Please contact us if you want extrusions at a particular length

Deliveries of a single length of extrusion longer than 1m can be bent in transit, in this instance we will have the extrusion cut in half and sent as two half lengths

We cannot cut lengths of extrusion in store you will need to order ahead to collect extrusions

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