hl1000 - load correction device for flickering LEDshl1000 - load correction device for flickering LEDs

Load Correction Device


Are your LED lights inexplicably glowing or flickering when the power is off? You may have a ghost load or current leakage. You might be able to fix it with a load correction device. Just wire the device into the circuit (behind the switch plate) to stabilise the circuit.

Is the minimum load on your LED Driver too low for your new LED lighting? You may be able to fix this with a load correction device, it works as a dummy load on the circuit which can correct issues with minimum loadings on a driver.

– Can stabilise circuits that flicker when the lights are off. Use one load correction device per switch in the case of 2-way switching.

– Can also be used for dimming of small loads (e.g. cabinet and wall lights) where the minimum load of the dimmable driver is higher than the load of the circuit.

– In 2-wire connection the load correction device reduces the minimum power of load required by the dimmer or switch for correct operation.

– The Load Correction Device provides powering of the dimmer or switch in case of controlling low loads.

Width: 25mm
Height: 10mm

240V Input – 240V Output
Watts: <1.4W

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